(GERMAN) Wie man 50% des Qurans versteht (E-book)

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Do you want to read and understand the Noble Quran in Arabic? even without knowing Arabic at all? This is exactly the book you have been looking for.

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Is Arabic not your first language? Do you find it difficult? or don’t know Arabic at all? but still want to read and understand the Quran in Arabic?

Well, with this book, that is possible in shaa Allah.

Yes, you can understand the Quran in Arabic without being proficient in Arabic or knowing complicated grammar rules. In fact, just by learning ONLY 88 words, you will be able to understand 50% of the entire Quran in Arabic. This book will help you learn and understand the most frequently used vocabulary in the Quran, which can help you understand the original text of the Quran without learning Arabic from A to Z.

Why is it important to understand the Quran in Arabic?

The Noble Quran is ONLY and EXCURSIVELY in Arabic. And in order to get the direct and original message of the Quran, then you must read it in Arabic. As Muslims, we know that translating the Quran, is not the Quran, and therefore, it has to be in Arabic.

What does this book contain?

This book lists the most frequently used vocabulary in the Quran. It contains 11 chapters, each chapter categorizes the words that share the same category, grammatical functions, or they are related in meaning. However, this book isn’t just a set of word lists, it also contains many valuable tips and explanations that will help you understand each word and understand its functions and uses to its maximum in shaa Allah. The book, also contains examples for each given word, so that you learn the words in context. The translation of the meaning of the verses, and the tips that are included in the book have all been reviewed by a certified shaikha as well as a professional Arabic grammarian. So you will be sure that the information provided is in shaa Allah revised and correct.

This book (PART I) will help you get from 50% knowledge of the Arabic language to around 50% by the end of this small book.

Are there other books?

Yes, Book 2 is being released soon in shaa Allah

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot afford to buy the book, you can always choose to download the free E-Book.

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2 reviews for (GERMAN) Wie man 50% des Qurans versteht (E-book)

  1. Abdullah

    I wish, if Allah allows, to learn Arabic here in this world to strengthen my knowledge.

  2. Din Racic

    السلام عليكم
    بارك الله فيكم

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