How to understand 50% of the Quran (E-book)

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Do you want to read and understand the Noble Quran in Arabic? even without knowing Arabic at all? This is exactly the book you have been looking for.

Can’t afford it? No problems in shaa Allah .. You can still get the e-book 100% FREE. Just make sure to choose E-book > FREE

Is Arabic not your first language? Do you find it difficult? or don’t know Arabic at all? but still want to read and understand the Quran in Arabic?

Well, with this book, that is possible in shaa Allah.

Yes, you can understand the Quran in Arabic without being proficient in Arabic or knowing complicated grammar rules. In fact, just by learning ONLY 72 words, you will be able to understand 50% of the entire Quran in Arabic. This book will help you learn and understand the most frequently used vocabulary in the Quran, which can help you understand the original text of the Quran without learning Arabic from A to Z.

Why is it important to understand the Quran in Arabic?

The Noble Quran is ONLY and EXCURSIVELY in Arabic. And in order to get the direct and original message of the Quran, then you must read it in Arabic. As Muslims, we know that translating the Quran, is not the Quran, and therefore, it has to be in Arabic.

What does this book contain?

This book lists the most frequently used vocabulary in the Quran. It contains 7 chapters, each chapter categorizes the words that share the same category, grammatical functions, or they are related in meaning. However, this book isn’t just a set of word lists, it also contains many valuable tips and explanations that will help you understand each word and understand its functions and uses to its maximum in shaa Allah. The book, also contains examples for each given word, so that you learn the words in context. The translation of the meaning of the verses, and the tips that are included in the book have all been reviewed by a certified shaikha as well as a professional Arabic grammarian. So you will be sure that the information provided is in shaa Allah revised and correct.

This book (PART I) will help you get from 0% knowledge of the Arabic language to around 50% by the end of this small book.

Are there other books?

Yes, there are two more books that will soon be available in shaa Allah.

PART II: Understand 65% of the Quran.

PART III: Understand 85% of the Quran. ((coming soon in shaa Allah))

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot afford to buy the book, you can always choose to download the free E-Book.

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25 reviews for How to understand 50% of the Quran (E-book)

  1. Rahma T. Umar

    Masha Allah. the video was very motivational and I.believe the book will.help me even more in my journey with the Qur’an in sha Allah. May Allah reward and bless every effort put onto this book.

  2. Rahma T. Umar

    Thank you so much for offering it fir free to those who cannot afford it. May Allah reward your efforts and make it sadaqatul Jariyah for you.

  3. Howard Wayne (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah, very interesting and easy to understand. May Allah reward you for all the effort you put in this project. The best so far…

  4. Yeasin Arafat Rafio

    I was shocked to see that you offer a free copy for those who can’t afford it. Also you did not overprice the book like the other content creators. Thank you very much. Inshallah I will be able to learn and understand the Holy Quran thanks to your great video tutorials and this fantastic book. May Allah reward your effort

  5. Muneer

    Nice book

  6. Taha Hussein

    Jezakellah, U are reaching those who can not access this type of book like us leavinv in 🇪🇹 Ethiopia.

  7. Abdimalik

    Jazakumul khairan may Allah build a house for you in jannah , you and your team and families I’ll be sharing this book with my schoolmates may you earn the rewards of everyone who benefits from it Ameeen!

  8. Muhammad shareef

    Best channel to learn Arabic for free and a great free book offer

  9. Ashraf

    Mashaallah great work and effort!

  10. Shahadat Hussain

    I have been following this YouTube channel for many years, it’s unique and unparallele.
    May Allah forgive this brother and give him the highest level in the jannah.
    Amine ya Rabbal A’lamin.

  11. Unaiza

    I love to watch your videos and I learn lot of things from your videos JazakAllah khair brother

  12. Tofik Abdurahman (verified owner)

    May Allah bless you

  13. Abu Rahat

    Your videos are excellent with proper examples. I want to learn and explore through the Qur’an. Hope your books will help a lot. Za zak Allah Khair for your quality efforts.

  14. Shaikh Naba hasibullah

    It is very helpful for those who are beginning in Arabic and try to understand the holy Quran and i am very ti have these videos

  15. Sabri Latifi

    Maa Shaa Allah

  16. Abdusamad

    Really useful book, thanks a bunch, May Allah bless youu

  17. Abdusamad


  18. Omaima

    Its amazing to see that you offer it free, this shows that you are really sincere in helping people understand the word of Allah. May Allah make you from his people, from the people of quran. May Allah protect you and your family.

  19. Imran Khan

    Allahdullillah may Allah bless you and give health and prosperity for who are teaching for free and giving free resources may Allah guide us to right path.jazak Allah khair

  20. Imran Khan


  21. Imran


  22. Muhammed imran

    Hope this e book help all to understand quran better

  23. omar.ali

    Thank you for providing it free of charge. If it had been a paid service, I would not have been able to pay it, as I am from a developing nation.

  24. Rayhan Ahamad

    The book has helped me to improve my understanding og Quran ul Karim.

  25. Farida joossab

    Thankyou for such informative video’s may Allah bless you abundont.
    Cant belive how much time n effort you focusd on very blessd , you are .
    May allah almigty use us for hes parth .
    I havent purchesed d book yet but thanks for your surport to all amen .

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