Huroofi-Beginner-Ramadan Edition- Letter Position (ENG/NL/DE)


Huroofi Level 1 – Book 1: Alif to Kha (أ – خ)

Huroofi Level 1- Book 2:  from Dal to Sheen (د-ش)

These books will teach your child the concept of different position of letters in the Arabic language. In Arabic, most letters have four variations; this book teaches this concept, and trains your child to distinguish between them and find out how they look like.
This whole process takes place while your child is having fun playing, and also learning new vocabulary to build up his/her Arabic words.

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Huroofi Beginner level- Ramadan Edition- What will you learn?

Common Arabic words used during Ramadan in an interactive story

This booklet includes a short story with the learned vocabulary that is used in the ramadan.

How does the booklet work?

  1. Open the booklet on the word you want your child to learn.
  2. Let your child find the letters.
  3. Arrange the word order from right to left.
  4. Add the short vowels as last and try to say the word.
  5. For more challenge, use the training sheet to test the child’s knowledge.

Specifications of the booklet:

  • High quality booklet
  • Heavy and sturdy paper
  • The training sheet is made from thick paper
  • The pages are divided in order to see the image and the letter at the same time!

Huroofi is a fun and educational learning method that can help your child learn Arabic alphabet/ words while playing.

Along with the Huroofi set, Arabic101’s most unique product is the Huroofi method. This method is a complete tool specially designed to help your child trace and learn the Arabic language from the very beginning using the movable letters of Huroofi101 set. More importantly, it enables your child to learn Arabic word lists individually with the help of a teacher, which makes it a very flexible method to use.

About Arabic101:

Our mission is simple, to give the best attention to teach the Arabic language to non-Arabs. Everyone deserves education.

Learn & leave a legacy!

Weight150 g
Dimensions14.1 × 26.1 cm

English, Nederlands, Deutsche


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