Huroofi Learning Mat


Huroofi Play-mat ensures that the child has a learning/ playing space for him/herself to get creative with making words. When using the Play-mat Huroofi pieces are also concentrated in one place to make ensure that they do not scatter around. It creates a safe learning environment, and works as an on/off switch for the child to know what to do when.

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A sustainable learning mat to ensure focus on learning and organizing.

A set is not complete without a learning mat. This mat ensures that the child has a learning space for the words. The words are also concentrated in one location to ensure that they do not scatter around. It creates a safe learning environment.

How does the placemat work?

  1. Place it on a smooth surface, preferably a table or the floor.
  2. Open the Huroofi set en place the letters on the mat.
  3. Create an Arabic word/ use Huroofi Booklet to make words.

Tip: for maximum use, use the booklet


  • 65cm x 45cm.
  • Made from corkwood, a sustainable material.

The Pros:

  • Did you know according to research that plastic toys is dangerous for the child’s brain development? Huroofi101 is made from sustainable wood and paint. Your child can play safely.
  • It is a playful method and children learn when they play and come in contact with material.
  • It is a challenging way of learning. The child can remember well when challenged.
  • Huroofi101 is for all ages.
  • You do NOT have to have prior Arabic knowledge to use Huroofi101.

About Arabic101:

Our mission is simple, to give the best attention to teach the Arabic language to non-Arabs. Everyone deserves education.

Learn & leave a legacy!

Dimensions45 × 65 cm


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