Huroofi – Movable Arabic Letters (ENGLISH)


Huroofi Set is the world’s first Montessori Method to learn Arabic in a very FUN way. For this method you are NOT required to have prior knowledge about the Arabic language. Huroofi set makes learning Arabic faster, more effective, and much more fun. That’s why, Huroofi is used by children and also adults to learn Arabic.


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This item: Huroofi - Movable Arabic Letters (ENGLISH)

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Learning Arabic has never been MORE FUN

Learning Arabic can be difficult. Especially if you are surrounded by an environment that offers little language input in Arabic. If you have children and you want to teach them Arabic and Islam, then the pressure grows on your shoulders as they grow up in a non-Arabic speaking country. Arabic is an important part of the character of a Muslim. The probable solution is to send your child to a Sunday school. However, after attendance, the child usually forgets what they had learned, especially if when they start going to a regular school. In these times, children are mostly at home now and do not get sufficient education.

For the children (and adults) I offer the world’s first, most educational method to learn Arabic that doesn’t require you as a parent to be proficient in Arabic, or even know Arabic at all. In fact, you can start learning along with your child. Huroofi’s method is based on the Montessori method of learning. Huroofi was designed by professional teachers with years of classroom experience in language learning as well as research in the field of language acquisition. It is important to know, Huroofi is not yet another puzzle or game. Huroofi is a learning method.

Huroofi set is a simple yet fun method to teach Arabic to your children (also yourself). With this set you can make learning more effectively, because you get to hold the letter in your hands! Huroofi offers loads of interaction in the learning process which makes learning more effective, and the results will be long lasting. In short, your child learns Arabic not only fast but also very proficiently.


How does it work if you do have some knowledge of Arabic?

  1. Set a theme with relatable words and images e.g. kitchen and words: plate, spoon.. in Arabic.
  2. Let your child puzzle the word together starting from right to left.
  3. After learning a group of words, hide the word and see if you still remember how to put the word together.

How does it work if you do NOT know any Arabic?

  1. Select one of the Huroofi booklets that we have available. They differ in difficulty and theme, so choose where you want your kid to start.
  2. If you haven’t purchased one of our Huroofi booklets, no problems. Along with the Huroofi set, you gain access to a free book.
  3. Make sure to follow the instructions that you can find on page 2 of your Huroofi booklet.


  • 150+ of wooden pieces (letters, and Arabic vowels)
  • Huroofi set is made from sustainable wood.
  • We selected the safest paint for the use and handling of children.
  • A linen bag to store all the letters and short vowels.
  • A user guide on how to use Huroofi.
  • A list of all the parts in Huroofi.
  • A FREE book is included.

The Pros:

  • Did you know according to research that plastic toys is dangerous for the child’s brain development? We made Huroofi101 from sustainable wood and paint. your child can play safely.
  • It is a playful method and children learn when they play and come in contact with material.
  • It is a challenging way of learning; children tend to remembers better and learn faster when they are being challenged.
  • Huroofi is for all ages.
  • You do NOT have to have prior Arabic knowledge to use Huroofi.

About Arabic101:

Our mission is simple, to give the best attention to teach the Arabic language to non-Arabs. Everyone deserves education.

Learn & leave a legacy!


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