Learners’ Handbook of Tajweed – Ebook

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World’s FIRST interactive Tajweed Book

Learners’ Handbook of Tajweed will, in shaa Allah, help ANY beginner recite 100% of the Quran CORRECTLY as if you have a teacher with you.

If you can’t afford it? No problem, in shaa Allah .. You can still get the e-book 100% FREE, for PERSONAL USE only.

Are tajweed rules too many for you to keep track of and remember? Have tried to learn tajweed before and didn’t work out? Don’t have direct access to a Quran teacher?

Well, with this book, along with its companion app, will, in shaa Allah solve all these problems, and help recite 100% of the Quran properly.

This comprehensive resource goes beyond just memorizing rules. It’s a transformative learning experience designed for both self-study and classroom use.

Why You’ll Love This Book:

  • Complete Tajweed Course: Master the art of Quran recitation with a step-by-step approach that equips you to read 100% of the Quran accurately.
  • Engaging & Effective: Learn with a unique, layered teaching method that keeps you motivated and invested throughout the journey.
  • Clear & Accessible: Simple explanations cater to learners of all backgrounds, even those new to the Arabic language.
  • Modern Approach: This book seamlessly blends traditional Tajweed principles with modern learning techniques.
  • Develop Good Habits: Learn practical strategies for effective studying and consistent practice.

Bonus Features:

  • Test Your Knowledge: Sharpen your skills with engaging exercises and challenging questions with a user-friendly answer key.
  • The Power of Audio: Download the companion app (available on Appstore and Playstore) and access a treasure trove of interactive features:
    • Crystal-Clear Audio Fragments: Listen and repeat after expert recitations.
    • Slow Down & Perfect: Fine-tune your pronunciation by adjusting the playback speed.
    • Informative Graphics: Grasp complex concepts with concise, two-page infographics.
    • Get Personalized Feedback: Submit your recordings directly to your teacher through the app!

The Learner’s Handbook of Tajweed is your key to unlocking the Quran’s message with confidence and clarity. Embrace the joy of learning Tajweed today!

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19 reviews for Learners’ Handbook of Tajweed – Ebook

  1. Azaan Karim (verified owner)

    Jazakallah khair for the free version of the ebook

  2. Abu Talha

    How can i take free version

  3. Firnas Nawas


  4. Ebrahim Khalil

    Jazakallah khair

  5. Alhassane

    It’s very useful

  6. Naziya bano

    Mashallah ❤️

  7. Naziya bano

    Nice book 💯

  8. Mariamkowsar

    Assalamualaikum, may i know how to download the ebook? Jazakallah Khair.

  9. Md Hasanujjaman Biswas

    May Allah accepts this effort and benefits the Muslim ummah.

  10. Bashir Badmus

    Jazaakumullah Khairan Jazaa for this.

    May Allah forgive us, make us from those who perfected their recitation, and enters us into Jannatul Firdaus with His mercy.

  11. Muhammad


  12. Maram Ahmed Al-Nahari

    May Allah grants you heaven for this book and rewards you for every letter I read

  13. Fatima


  14. Musabatte


  15. Khadija

    There no reviews yet

  16. Abdulhakeem Ahmad

    Arabic101 simplifies every topic been taught to the bearest minimum of understanding, it’s make it interactive and easy to digest. Arabic101 is just exceptional.

  17. Abdul Salam Suleman

    Perfect thank you


    Very Educative and Educative. I think this is the best tajweed book currently.

  19. Abdullahi

    Jazakumullahu khairan

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