Sun and Moon Arabic Letters infographic Poster

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This is a poster that visualizes Sun and Moon letters on an infographic chart. This makes it easier to learn which letters are sun and which are moon letters. It is also very suitable for a classroom to help learners refer to it as extra aid.

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A clear explanation of the sun and moon letters

You may have noticed that certain nouns in Arabic have a different pronunciation in the article. That is because some letters are sun letters and some of them are the moon letters. But what does it mean? and how do you distinguish them from one another.

This infographic, educational poster gives you an all-inclusive information about the sun and moon letters, yet powerful explanation. The explanation of the symbols is displayed in colors; therefore, it enhances your memory to remember them.


The benefits of this poster:

  • Visual drawings of the sun and moon
  • A summary explanation
  • Learn the rules in detail with an exclusive video on YouTube (QR-code)
  • Benefit you in learning how to read the Quran in Arabic
  • Can help you with the exclusive FREE online course
  • Minimalistic drawing, maximum color indication for focus
  • An eye friendly poster and fitted in every room, masjid and classroom.

This 50×70 is made from a 190-gram satin-like paper. It is a very sturdy type of paper and doesn’t tear quickly. The colors on the print are extremely vibrant. The surface of the poster is smooth and has a little bit of shine, giving it a more mat look than gloss.

You can also buy this poster digitally and print it at home or at a printer of your own choice.

About Arabic101:

Our mission is simple, to give the best attention to teach the Arabic language to non-Arabs. Everyone deserves an education.

Learn and leave a legacy!

Weight70 g
Dimensions50 × 70 cm

Digital, Paper


English, Nederlands


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